Folk glamping hotel in the heart of ancient Russia

Glamping is a new niche in the hospitality industry, designed for lovers of elevated comfort in the wilderness.

The project is already available for business partnership in Gardariki 2040 ecoholding. The first pilot glamping will be located in the heart of the origin of ancient Russia - in the Leningrad region.

Invest from $150 into an eco-business and make a profit up to 50% annual

Ecoholding Gardariki 2040 invites the cooperation of investors and ordinary citizens, who want to become owners of eco-businesses and earn passive monthly profits.

We invite you to participate in promising eco-projects

Our mission is to bring together professionals from different high level market segments and just people who want to have their own eco-business and don't want to have to manage it.

We help develop eco-projects and contribute to the conservation of the Earth's resources. Join our community!

  • A highly profitable and promising niche;
  • 100+ projects with a potential market capitalization of $1.5 billion;
  • Effective Management;
  • Guaranteed payback;
  • Business with care for the environment.
  • A highly profitable and promising niche;
  • 100+ projects with a potential market capitalization of $1.5 billion;
  • Effective Management;
  • Guaranteed payback;
  • Business with care for the environment;
  • A highly profitable and promising niche;
  • 100+ projects with a potential market capitalization of $1.5 billion;
  • Effective Management;
  • Guaranteed payback;
  • Business with care for the environment;
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Gardariki 2040

A dynamic community of environmentally conscious investors who are building a new generation entrepreneurial network.

We bring together innovative, promising projects and ordinary people who want to have their own eco-business and take part in it with minimal involvement.

Our mission is to provide guaranteed returns to investors and partners, give life to vibrant projects and help preserve the environment.

promising projects
24 of the month
average payback period
How do we work?
  • We select projects with high potential for capitalization growth and client demand;
  • Partners and investors are welcome to become co-owners;
  • We undertake all processes for project management and development;
  • Providing guaranteed profits to new eco-business owners.
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Low entry threshold

The minimum cost of an investment package is only $150.

Fast return on investment

In only 12-24 months your investment will pay for itself. And profits will start flowing in as early as the first half of the year from the launch of the facility.

Time saving

You are a co-owner of the facility, making a monthly profit, but you are not involved in the operational management and business routine.

Risk diversification

Funds from investors and partners are distributed among several projects, which ensures a guaranteed profit.


All projects on the web-site aim to improve the quality of life and conserve the Earth's resources.

Glamping holidays

Free accommodation in smart camping with hotel-grade comfort in the middle of the wilderness awaits you.

Making business accessible to everyone

Absolutely anyone can become an owner of a profitable and environmentally friendly business, receive a passive income and live at a comfortable pace, without distracting from business as usual.

We give you all the functionality and knowledge you need for a successful start.
Topical projects
Glamping Nebosvod Theme Eco-Hotel
The first project available for business partnership in the Gardariki 2040 Ecoholding

Glamping is a new type of tourism in the format of hotel comfort among the wildlife.

One of the main advantages of this project is the ability to generate income after only 3 months after the launch of the facility.

Amount of investment required: from 5 million rubles.
Erection and start-up time: 1-3 months
Yield: $25,000 per month (8 small and 4 large domes)
Payback: 23-30 months from the launch of sales
Degree of implementation:
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By recommending eco-projects on the Gardariki 2040, you enable people to invest their money profitably and you also contribute to the conservation of natural resources.

Simplicity and convenience

After registration you will get all necessary materials and tools for effective promotion. Work from home, from a coffee shop, from anywhere in the world. You manage your own time and income.

Unlimited possibilities

Brand ambassadors generate income through several tools:

  • of the company's profits;
  • from sales of the company's products;
  • % of the attracted investments;
  • from the increase in capitalization;
  • as well as a BONUS - free glamping accommodation.
Glamping is the new era of ecotourism.
World Statistics.
Development Outlook.
An introduction to domed structures. The principal brainchild of the lifelong genius of two centuries, Richard Buckminster Fuller.
Work on testing the technical and financial feasibility of spherical/dome technologies. The first domed structure implemented by the Gardarica 2040 team.
Studying the market of production and sales of dome structures. Introduction to investment tools such as crowdfunding and cryptocurrencies.
State registration of our business in Russia. Launch a website to attract investment. Search for land for pilot glamping. Participation in IV Forum of Russian Glamping Association. Registration of trademark. First conference of Gardariki Ecoholding 2040.
Formation of the material base and selection of the team. Start of work on trust management of investment instruments. Participation in the III Forum of the Russian Glamping Association.
Preparatory work to adapt "crowdfunding" to the ideas, objectives and requirements of the project.
Opening of the pilot glamping. Launch of the investment platform. Payment of the first dividends. Search for and acquisition of land for Gardariki EcoTechnoPark 2040. Issuance of our own crypto-asset. Launch of 5 destinations.
Opening of the enterprise for deep processing of wild-growing crops. Launch of production of dome structures. Opening of two glamping sites. Launch of 5 destinations.
Full-scale commissioning of the Gardariki 2040 EcoTechnoPark and holding the first EcoFest there. Opening of the first glamping in the CIS and two more in Russia. Launch of 5 destinations.
60 glamping sites on all continents. Launch of 25 destinations.
30 glamping sites on 3 continents. Launch of 25 destinations.
Opening of the first glamping site in Europe, the second in the CIS and the eighth in Russia. Annual summit on environmental issues and development of eco-technologies. Launch of 5 directions.
100 glamping. Launch of 25 destinations. The final international summit "Gardariki2040". Cost of a unit from 100 to 1 000 rubles ($1,5-15).
We have with us top StartUp specialists, investors, marketers and managers with more than 15 years of experience.
Mishunkin Mikhail
CEO (co-faunder)
Shedko Alexey
COO (co-faunder)
Mishunkin Nikolay
CRYPTO INVESTOR (co-faunder)
Frolov Ilya
CHEF (co-faunder)
Alina Ilyina
PR Director
Olga Yefimova
Director Shop Zero Waste Crowd Photographer
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